Mi nombre es Alexis

Mi nombre es Alexis


Mi nombre de nacimiento es Alexis Macias.

No me dieron un segundo nombre.

Alexis no era un nombre femenino.

Se burlaban de mí porque Alexis era un “nombre de niño”.

Entonces conocí a una niña con el nombre igual que yo, su nombre era Alexis García y la conocí en la secundaria.

La broma finalmente se detuvo ya que había dos chicas llamadas Alexis.

Mi nombre se hizo más común ya que crecí.

Todos comenzaron a cortar mi nombre y me llamaban Alex o Lexi.

Preferí a Alex porque era más parecido a mi nombre.

Luego me casé con Alexander García y me convertí en Alexis García.

Alex y Alex nos decían.

Tuvimos nuestra primera hija y le pusimos Alyssa Alexandra García.

Ahora todos somos Alex, Alex, y Alex.

Ahora que mi familia y yo compartimos el apodo de nuestro nombres, me encanta mi nombre!


Our Tex-Mex Wedding

Our Tex-Mex Wedding

As I was doing the Liebster Award, I realized that I do have alot of traditions that I would like to share. Incase you didn’t know my husband and I are Hispanic.I was born in McAllen, Tx. My husband was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My mother was born in Houston, Texas and her mother was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. My father was born in Zacatecas, Mexico. My husband and his parents were all born in the United States but his grandparents come from Mexico as well. This is how we are Hispanics. Anyways, We have lived in the Rio Grande Valley most of our lives. In my family, we often have “Quinceneras and Weddings” to attend. Our traditions change over the years but we still do certain things we believe are important to keep doing.

Our Wedding Ceremony ” El Novio y La Novia” (The Bride and Groom)

At Hispanic weddings they usually throw rice or pedals but our church did not allow it so we used bubbles.
At Hispanic weddings they usually throw rice or pedals but our church did not allow it so we used bubbles.

Alex and I got married at the Catholic Church were I grew up going to in Mission, Tx. We got married by the church and by the court on the same day, November 8, 2014. Back in my grandparents day, you would get married by the court first but not move in with your husband until you get married by the church. As a wife you were to stay put at your parents house until you got married by the church. The man was in charge of all the wedding preparations if he wanted to get married and make the woman her wife. The man also had to ask for her hand in marriage to the Father of the Bride. Alex and his parents came over to my house one week before we got engaged to ask for my hand in marriage. This is traditional. The Father of the bride has the last word. He has to give the blessing and thankfully both my parents did. My Mexican family is very superstitious so according to tradition Alex could not see me in my white dress until we got to the church to get married. Since we had a traditional catholic wedding we got “Padrinos” Godparents for the bible, rosary, lasso, the coins, rings, the unity candle, flowers for the Virgin Mary, and embroidered pillows to kneel on during the mass. Each item has a symoblic meaning in our marriage. In a Hispanic Wedding the tradition is that we get God parents for almost everything. The main godparents are the ones involved during the mass. Each Padrino purchased the item for the bride and groom. Alex and I both found padrinos for certain things and back then my grandpa was the only one to find padrinos for my grandma.

This is a photo taken after our padrinos came to deliver the item and after Father Castillo blessed each item.
This is a photo taken after our Padrinos came to deliver the symbolic gifts and were blessed by Father Castillo.
My bridesmaids and groomsmen looking stunning!
My bridesmaids and groomsmen looking stunning!
Our first time taking communion as a married couple.
Our first time taking communion as a married couple.
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Garcia
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Garcia
Welcome to the family Alexander. From the Macias family. This is my my side -Alexis
Welcome to the family Alexander. From the Macias family. This is my my side -Alexis
Meet the Garcias
                     Meet the Garcia’s

 “La Recepcion” (The reception)

My Paternal grandparents had their Wedding at home and again my grandpa was in charge of everything including the food. They had “Birria” (Birria is a Mexican dish from the state of Jalisco. The dish is a spicy stew, traditionally made from goat meat or mutton, but occasionally from beef or chicken.) I wish I had Birria for my wedding :p We just got what came with the package at the ballroom. Alex and I did it together. We were both working and we both saved up money and paid off our wedding together. This is common in all marriages now. The reception was held at a ballroom we had Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner and we danced all night to Spanish songs. We danced to “Tejanos, Cumbias, and Huapangos” like we always do.

The reception was from 6pm to 1am. The first thing we did was eat and while we ate we had a Mariachi come to play for an hour. After the Mariachi left we started with the Father/ Daughter dance. The father/daughter dance is important because it shows how it is time that I leave home away from his care and that I am no longer his responsiblity. It shows that I am off to start my own family. Right after our dance my now husband came to take over and danced with me. Our first dance as a married couple and we danced to “My Endless Love”. This is why I say Tex-Mex wedding because not everything at our wedding was spanish and mexican.

The Father and Daughter Dance. I can’t remember what song we danced to. Sorry I’ll update this when I remember.
“Primer Baile de los Novios” Our First Dance as a Married Couple.

After the dance, we got the champagne bottles ready for the “brindis” we made a toast to an everlasting marriage. I forgot to mention that I had a total of 8 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen. They are very important in a wedding. To be honest, I had so many because I couldn’t pick and chose from my closest friends. They all deserved to be a special apart of my wedding. My sister was my Maid of Honor and My husband chose his younger brother as his Best Man. They were apart of the dance. They just looked nice and swayed to the song endless love and towards the end they all got their partners to dance with them while Alex and I danced our song. It was beautiful!

My mom created this heart.
   My mom created this heart out of the                                    champagne glasses.
The Bestman Alvaro and The Maid of Honor
The Best Man Alvaro and The Maid of Honor                                        Crystal
A toast to an everlasting marriage.
        A toast to an everlasting marriage.

After this everyone started dancing to the music our band played. The band that played are from Zacatecas, Mexico. In fact they are family. Their name is “Los Rokis” and they play Cumbias, Tejanos, and Huapangos. Exactly what we all dance too. After an hour of dancing we stopped to do another traditional dance called “La vibora de la Mar ” and then the Dollar Dance and “El Regalo Sorpresa” or the Surprise Gift and finally the throwing of the Liga and the Bouquet.

This is a photo of my brother, mom, and dad dancing to a Huapango. Youtube it:p
This is a photo of my brother, mom, and dad dancing to a Huapango. Youtube it:p
“La Vibora de la Mar” The Seasnake is a traditional Mexican dance to get everyone involved in a fun dance. The leader runs under and around the bride and groom with all the ladies in a snake form. After the ladies go then its the men’s turn.
“El baile del dollar” The dollar dance is a way to get money for the honeymoon. We dance with anyone who wants to participate each person pinning a dollar onto our clothes.
This was just another random dance that was completely not expected its called
This was just another random dance that was completely unexpected its called “el mandilon”. We pretty much made fun of the typical mexican couple. The man is always the drunk one and bossy one. The woman is a housewife and raises children. In this dance the man wears the apron he is the one being whipped by the woman. :p My aunt made me do this one.
“EL Regalo Sorpresa” The surprise Gift. These are our godparents. Misty, Erick, Vanessa, and Berny. They are my friends, The Twins and their Fiances. The twins have been my friends since the 7th grade. 
The throwing of the
 “Tirar la Liga”. The Garter Toss symbolizes the end of his single days. whoever catches the garter is next to marry.
The bouquet toss symbolizes the same as the garter toss.
The bouquet toss symbolizes the same as the            garter toss but in this case for the ladies.

Our wedding was not fully a Mexican Wedding but we still had lots of fun after our wedding we went home to get things ready for our honeymoon trip while my parents and our guest went to my moms for a “Torna Boda”. They continued to party at my moms until 6am.

If you have any questions leave a comment below if you want to know more about preparing for my wedding you can also contact me via email at itsourlifegarcias@gmail.com

Tell me about your Wedding Traditons(: